Friday, 25 May 2012

Apps for Maths in Primary Education


There is a lot of potential in the 'maths apps' available in the App Store, although most of the 
'maths apps' appear to be drill practising of number facts and operations. Whilst, there's no 
problem in children using these apps in the classroom to develop their maths skills, there is 
a danger that the iPad becomes no better than a laptop or a desktop computer for the learning 
of number facts and rote learning. For the iPad to reach its full potential the challenge is to 
make maths real in the classroom and engaging for the children. Don't go looking in the 
educational section of the App Store, but the apps already mentioned in my previous blogs 
on Apps for Creativity in Primary Schools and Apps for Teachers.

For example, with apps such as ShowMe and Educreations the children can record visually 
and with audio the strategies they've used to solve problems and record their learning. In 
Doddle Buddy the children could use the stamps tool to create pictographs to record their 
survey results and use special background such as dot grids to draw paths, create shapes, 
angles and line graphs. The Skitch app allows children to import pictures, use the annotation 
tool to plot points, routes on a map, annotate graphs, draw angles on a image and then 
measure with a real protractor - make maths real life!

Below is a small sample of 'maths apps', which can be used to practise number facts and 
operations.I would welcome any other suggestions that I could add to these lists.

Gurgle Numbers: £0.69

Fun Maths game that will quickly help teach your children their Number Bonds and Times Tables. The App has been tested by our children and their friends and is now being used in many Primary Schools. You can create as few or as many players as you like. You could add the whole class if you like, or just your family at home.
Achieve Level 4 Mathematics: £3.99

‘Achieve’ offers a tried and tested formula for raising attainment 

in the year 6 National Tests. Schools have been using Achieve 
books for over 10 years to improve children’s test results and now 
these simple techniques are available on i-Phone and i-Pad for 
children to use anywhere.
MathBoard: £2.99

MathBoard teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and 

division problems. It is appropriate for all ages starting with simple addition and subtraction problems to where multiplication and 
division becomes a challenge. the teacher can control the range 
of numbers, the amount of questions and assign time limits per 
Math Bingo: £0.69

Math Bingo allows you to choose from 4 games: Addition, 

subtraction, multiplication and division. You can choose from 
3 different levels of difficulty: Easy, medium and hard and create 
up to 5 player profiles.
King of Maths: FREE

King of Maths is a fast-paced mathematics game with diverse 

problems in different areas. You level up your character by 
answering maths questions and improving your total score. 
Aimed at upper Key stage 2. The free version includes addition 
and subtraction.
Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad: £0.69

Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad is a colourful, interactive 

multiplication game for primary school children. Different game 
modes allow children to be tested in ways that suits the level 
they're at and helps them progress at a comfortable rate.

What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?: £0.69

A clever and interactive way to help children tell the time. 
(O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to).
Watch as Mr. Wolf magically spins the clock on the face of the 

moon to ten random times and offers the player a choice of up 
to 8 answers. With simple and intuitive controls the application 
is very easy to play and allows the player to concentrate on their 
time telling practice.

Math Evolve: £1.49

This revolutionary app provides a fun and engaging way to 
practice math facts, number sense, and mental math skills. 
Math Evolve is for ages 6 and up, but is challenging and fun 
even for adults. Improves multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills. Hours of content that can be customized for 
children of all ages. Gain valuable performance statistics to help students improve.

Geometry Pad: FREE

With the Geometry Pad you can create fundamental geometric 
shapes, explore and change their properties and calculate 
metrics of the shapes. The shapes are displayed on a scrollable 
and zoomable workbook with a rectangular coordinate system.

Splash Maths: FREE

Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 
13 chapters covering over 185 math skills and an endless supply 
of problems, it is by far the most comprehensive math workbook 
in the app store. SPLASH MATH APPS SERIES: 1st Grade, 2nd 
Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade Math App.

Math Dictionary: FREE

With more than 100,000 copies in print, the "Math Dictionary for 
Kids" is the #1 homework helper for kids. Now this best-selling 
book comes to the iPad with powerful tools to help any student 
achieve success in math! Perfect for kids in grades 4–9, this 
interactive app allows users to search for terms, mark favourites, 
take notes on definitions, see related terms, and view the word of 
the day.

Motion Math: £1.49

Developed at the Stanford School of Education, Motion Math HD 
follows a star that has fallen from space, and must bound back 
up, up, up to its home in the stars. Moving fractions to their 
correct place on the number line is the only way to return. By 
playing Motion Math, learners improve their ability to perceive 
and estimate fractions in multiple forms.

Early Birds Times Tables: £0.69

Help Ernie the Bird find the eggs with his brothers and sisters in - 
these are the ones with multiples of your chosen tables set on. 
So if you chose to play with the 3 times table for example, you'd 
have to find eggs with multiples of 3 on - 6, 9, 21 etc. Play with 
any table set from the twos to the twelves and see if you can 
beat your high scores - it's fiendishly addictive and great for consolidating your knowledge of your times tables.

The Mathelona Games: £0.69

If you also enjoy Sudoku, you will love MATHELONA. The one 
general rule invites players to place the numbers 0 to 9 into the 
coloured rings so the whole line/equation works out as shown 
below. For example, if the middle black ring contains 6, the four 
other coloured rings must be filled with a number in the range 0 
to 9 so that the left and right calculations both equal 6. These 
may involve any of the four operations: e.g. 5 + 1 = 6 = 9 – 3

Sakura Quick Math: £1.49

Practice your mathematics while racing the clock in this 
innovative iPad app. Featuring advanced handwriting recognition and a beautiful interface, Sakura Quick Math will take your general 
arithmetic skills to the next level. 
Sakura Quick Math is perfect for students in grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 or 
those people who want to improve their all round mathematics 
ability. Multiple difficulty levels allow the app to grow with your skills.

Multi-Flow: £1.49

Play MultiFlow, the addictively entertaining game designed to 
help you practise your multiplication tables from 1 to 20! 
Experience the excitement of ‘Enter the Flow’ – the multiplication game that adapts to your ability level – on the fly! Say goodbye to 
flashcards, say hello to MultiFlow. This application is great for 
kids, adults and professional educators alike. In addition to the 
main game: 'Enter the Flow', there are other tools to practice multiplication and track your progress.

Ghost Blaster: £0.69

Blast those ghosts and learn your tables
with this great new App adapted from the Primary Games Classic.
Try and score 100 hits as fast as you can by continuously tapping on ghosts which are a multiple of your chosen fact. Be careful 
though, tapping an incorrect multiple will see your score 
reduced by 10, and it's Game Over when you reach -100!!

Butterfly Brunch: £0.69

Butterfly Brunch is designed to help children with their coordinates!
There are 4 simple rules to play the game:- 1) Find your way 
around the grid to help feed the butterfly. 2) Every answer that 
you get correct, will let Colin the caterpillar crawl a little further 
up the flower. 3) When you've moved the butterfly, click 'FEED' 
to see if you have placed him on the correct coordinate. 4) 
When 10 answers have been answered correctly, Colin will 
transform himself into a butterfly and fly away!

Times Tables Pro: £0.69

Times Tables Pro is the ultimate way to learn, practice and test multiplication tables in a highly configurable, yet simple to use 
way. Practice with flash cards, create timed or un-timed quizzes 
(using a multiple choice or virtual keypad), and review statistics 
for multiple users. Flash cards and tests can be generated for 
one or more tables in the range 0x - 12x, and using the 'Review 
Bank' you can focus on any gaps in knowledge.

Division Pro: £0.69

Division Pro is the ultimate way to learn, practice and test the 
inverse of multiplication tables in a highly configurable, yet 
simple to use way. Practice with flash cards, create timed or 
un-timed quizzes (using a multiple choice or virtual keypad), 
and review statistics for multiple users. Flash cards and tests 
can be generated for one or more division sets from ÷1 to ÷12, 
and using the 'Review Bank' you can focus on any gaps in 

Number Bonds Pro: £0.69

Learn number bonds and addition facts in a configurable and 
targeted way. Practice or test number bonds up to 10, 20, 50 
& 100 or any number in-between. Alternatively practice or test 
within a range of numbers.

Subtraction Pro: £0.69

Learn subtraction in a configurable and targeted way. Practice or 
test subtractions from 10, 20, 50 & 100 or any number in-between. Alternatively practice or test within a range of numbers.

Bugs and Numbers: £1.99

Bugs and Numbers provides an extensive collection of unique 
games dedicated to learning and practicing a wide range of math
 skills in a non-traditional way. Organized into three basic stages, 
the app grows with your child through 18 games ranging from 
basic counting to early fractions. Designed around a bug city, 
each game is crafted for a basic set of math skills with an 
eccentric and fun parallel to our own society. Imagine serving 
bugs food at the local diner that happens to spin on an old vinyl 
record, or help ferry ants across water in an egg carton. 

Long Division Touch: FREE

Learn the mechanics of long division with a touch interface. 
Drag digits down, slide the decimal into the correct position, 
and tap to identify repeating decimals.
Say you have 8)256. Drag 8 into ‘25’ and find the correct multiple.
 Then drag the 6 down and finish the problem!
Learning long division can be enjoyable when you’re not slowed 
down by pencil/paper or lost without instant feedback.

My Measures & Dimensions Pro: £3.99

It is super easy to use. Just take a photo and add arrows, angles, 
text or notes. Now the measures are stored and you have them 
always in your pocket wherever you go. No more paper sketches 
in your wallet. Become a pro and use My Measures.

Jungle Fractions (for iPad): £1.99

● Tutorials for beginners
● Name, compare, add and multiply fractions visually
● Convert fractions between improper and mixed format
● Score tracks progress
● Multi-user support 
● Show history of problems

Algebra Touch: £.149

Say you have x + 3 = 5. You can drag the 3 to the other side of the equation. 

Enjoy the wonderful conceptual leaps of algebra, 
without getting bogged down by the tedium of traditional methods.

 Drag to rearrange, tap to simplify, and draw lines to eliminate identical 

 Easily switch between lessons and randomly-generated 
practice problems.

 Create your own sets of problems to work 
through in the equation editor, and have them appear on all of your devices with iCloud. (there is a version of this app for OSX as well!)

Banana Hunt: 0.69

The popular angle estimation game, Banana Hunt, is now 
available for the iPad. Move the monkey to the angle where the 
bananas are located. Press ‘Search’ to see how accurate you 
are and how many bananas you have found.

My Script Calculator: FREE

Easy, simple and intuitive, just write the mathematical expression on the screen then let MyScript technology perform its magic converting symbols and numbers to digital text and delivering the result in 
real time. The same experience as writing on paper with the 
advantages of a digital device (Scratch-outs, results in real time).

Total Maths: £0.69

Sums and Products is an interactive maths game designed to help improve mental calculations.
Starting from the sum or product that is displayed, can you place 
the given numbers in the empty boxes to make up the sum or 
product? This puzzling maths game helps young mathematicians practise their skills.

Balancing Calculations: £1.49

Find the missing number to balance the calculations. 
An excellent tool for reinforcing an understanding of the role of 
the equals sign. Choose one objective, or many. You can choose all the objectives for a single year group (or multiple year groups). You 
can also choose to balance between different types of 
calculations (eg subtraction and division)

Read Scales: £1.49

Read a variety of numbered and partially numbered scales. 
Measure mass, capacity and temperature.

Capacity Word Problems: £1.49

Read the scales on the measuring cylinder and answer word 
problems involving addition and subtraction. Play against the 
clock for points.

Graphs: FREE

It serves as an excellent first guide and workbook to understand 
types of graphs including Line Graphs, Bar Graphs and Pie 
Charts. In addition to this, concepts such as Mean, Mode and 
Median are also explained in simple terms.Take a test to check 
your understanding of interpreting graphs and where you stand!

Marble Maths: £1.49

Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you 
roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes for ages 
9-12 and up.

Marble Maths Junior: £1.49

Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you 
roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes for ages 
5-8 (with audio questions for emerging readers).

Numbler: FREE

Numbler is a game where players build math equations in a 
familiar crossword style board. All the mental fun of popular 
board and online word games, but with numbers instead of letters. 
• Simple and addictive gameplay that people love from well-known word games 
• A fun and educational way for students to sharpen their math 
• Suitable for all ages: children to adults

MathBreak: £0.69

MathBreak is full of mathematical games, activities and riddles 
for teachers to use in their lessons. With over 50 different activities, there will be a game, riddle or activity to help you at any time during 
your lesson. If you are looking for a runway to start your lesson, 
a great way to revise a topic or a reward for great work, MathBreak will have that activity to suit your class.

Mr Thorne's Times Tables Terra: £0.69

60 mental maths tests based on the standard multiplication facts
/ times tables, beginning with the 1x table and so on, leading all 
the way to the 12x table and beyond. Different difficulty settings 
mean you can be tested in order, with a mixture or be challenged 
by World Class mental maths multiplications.